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  • Ministry of Works (Headquarters)
    1-5 Works Road, Awka, Anambra State

Our Management Team

The ASMTL group presently has about 80 Civil Engineers, Geotechnical Engineers, Geologists, Technicians, Technologists and Administrators, all well trained and experienced in the local environment. At ASMTL, Teamwork is important to us and we continuously engineer strategies of strengthening our teams to increase performance, employee unity and our company culture. Because it is important for us to frequently develop new ideas of work improvement using a project-based approach, assembling teams in order to diffuse responsibility is key for the timely delivery of our clients projects. Team members use teamwork to bounce ideas off of one another before deciding on a development path for the timely delivery of any project.

Our CEO, Engr. Ebosie Ezeoke has a tremendous and an intimidating profile in the chosen field of activity. Over the years of his involvement as an expert with great insight in engineering, he has developed a culture of employees working together as a team, and have developed mechanisms that allow every employee to learn from one another. This knowledge is not limited to the personal experiences of coworkers; employees from different departments may learn information from each other regarding the limitations and possibilities of those departments.

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