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  • Why should I test my structure?
    Quality control and Assurrance should be engaged through out the life span of a structure: Pre-Construction, During-Construction and Post-Construction. After the Project is completed, it is recommended that testing activities should be carried out periodically, depending on usage, age, wear and tear; just as any human being needs to go for check-up.
  • I am a certified COREN engineer and supervised the project. Should the project still be tested?
    For all intent and purposes, the need to test structures/buildings supervised by a certified COREN Engineer and/or registered Builder, should be paramount to such person(s). This would be an avenue to ascertain that all his/her site instructions were adhere to through out the span of the project by checking also with the end result.
  • Is it compulsory to test all my building materials before construction?
    Aside the stipulation of the law; the knowledge of the quality and the degree of such quality in the materials would save lives and resources both in the short term and in the long run.
  • If my building fails the test, will it be demolished?
    ASMTL do not determine whether a building should be demolished or not. ASMTL only conducts the test and analyze the results of the test(s), possible recommendations that would safeguard loss of lives and properties are provided.
  • How reliable is the report/result obtained from the laboratory?
    ASMTL employs the latest State-of-the-Art equipment while carrying out her test. These equipment are based on time tested scientific principles. Since Scientific principles are universal, our results are correlated with relevant Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), British Standard (BS) and American Standards for Testing of Materials(ASTM) codes which have their parity with other relevant Test Standards
  • I am being served a notice to carry out test on my building, but don't understand the content of the paper?
    Whenever such notice is served on your building for test; it means the building had undergone an event and/or is showing signs of undue stress. So to either douse or confirm the suspicion is the testing being recommended. In the bid to forestall possible structural failure and collapse.
  • What is the effect of water on constructions?
    There are chemical interactions going on in the mix of any fresh concrete and water serves as the medium of these reactions. Thus the use of contaminated water sources would adversely affect the chemical processes. For example: water, high in Total Dissovled Solid(e.g. salts) will attack the re-inforcement imbeded into the concrete; hereby leading to the rapid deterioration of the structure as a whole. Thus potable-water-quality is the recommended standard for construction purpose.
  • Is soil test important before the erection of a structure?
    Different Building and Civil structures require different physical/engineering properties of soil/soil-strata for enhanced and long lasting productivity. Actually, sub-soil/soil investigation should be carried out during the design and planning stage of a structure. This will empower the architect and structural engineer on the likely challenges to encounter and possible solutions.

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