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Anambra State Materials Testing Laboratory can also stand as a world-class research Centre. To work at ASMTL either as a staff or running an Industrial Attachment programme is to be immersed in a research environment; the renowned Engineers who head such programmes are engaged in research at the forefront of engineering sciences. Undergrads as well as confirmed staffs have the opportunity to work closely with faculty members from diverse personal, academic and professional backgrounds on a wide variety of exciting research and development projects.

Research works at Anambra State Testing Laboratory are common place, they could either be embarked upon as an internal directive or at the request of clients. Researchers and Students of various higher institutions of learning, home and abroad also use the laboratory's hi-tech facilities and courting from the experience of our dedicated and disciplined staff. Such Topics that had been undertaken include:-

* Inquiry into the underlying reasons for the quick deterioration of Nigerian roads sooner as they are constructed
* before their design age, with a view of providing remedy.
* The use and effect of recycled tyre rubber on asphaltic concrete, when used as a supplement with bitumen.
* The likely effect of using sea water as a curing medium of concrete.
* The use of Palm Kernel shells as coarse aggregate substitute in concrete mix.
* The use of Wood and Bamboo as alternative reinforcement in concrete units.








Our Qualities & Values

Our Value

To behave with integrity, honesty and openness in all our dealings, To train employees to release their full potential linked to our company goals.

Our Statement

Moving forward is embedded in our DNA, it is shared by our staffs and ultimately inspired by our staffs. Our eyes are in the future for improvement

Our Purpose

A strong determination to abate incidences of infrastructure failure or and collapse with its attendant loss of lives, property and capital resources..

Our Goal

With over 100 tests available, our goals are to provide a high level of analytical precision, quality, and accuracy, with timely results, to every client

We Invite You to take advantage

We hereby invite all Owners, Developers, Occupiers of any Building/Civil Engineering Structure ( old, new or/and under construction) to avail themselves of this modern laboratory test equipment and facilities.
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some faq's

  • Why should I test my structure?
    Quality control and Assurrance should be engaged through out the life span of a structure: Pre-Construction, During-Construction and Post-Construction. After the Project is completed, it is recommended that testing activities should be carried out periodically, depending on usage, age, wear and tear; just as any human being needs to go for check-up.
  • I am a certified COREN engineer and supervised the project. Should the project still be tested?
    For all intent and purposes, the need to test structures/buildings supervised by a certified COREN Engineer and/or registered Builder, should be paramount to such person(s). This would be an avenue to ascertain that all his/her site instructions were adhere to through out the span of the project by checking also with the end result.
  • Is it compulsory to test all my building materials before construction?
    Aside the stipulation of the law; the knowledge of the quality and the degree of such quality in the materials would save lives and resources both in the short term and in the long run.
  • If my building fails the test, will it be demolished?
    ASMTL do not determine whether a building should be demolished or not. ASMTL only conducts the test and analyze the results of the test(s), possible recommendations that would safeguard loss of lives and properties are provided.
  • How reliable is the report/result obtained from the laboratory?
    ASMTL employs the latest State-of-the-Art equipment while carrying out her test. These equipment are based on time tested scientific principles. Since Scientific principles are universal, our results are correlated with relevant Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON), British Standard (BS) and American Standards for Testing of Materials(ASTM) codes which have their parity with other relevant Test Standards
  • I am being served a notice to carry out test on my building, but don't understand the content of the paper?
    Whenever such notice is served on your building for test; it means the building had undergone an event and/or is showing signs of undue stress. So to either douse or confirm the suspicion is the testing being recommended. In the bid to forestall possible structural failure and collapse.

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